TBM Congres Regional Governance
Plenary 1 – Regional Governance Aula Conference Centre, Auditorium (Building 20) Chair: Gordon Dabinett, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom Welcome, RSA: Gordon Dabinett, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom Plenary papers from: Bas Verkerk, Mayor of Delft, Delft, Netherlands, „Multiscalarity, Metropolitan Governance and the City of Delft’ Maarten Hajer, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands „The Energetic Society - or: How to Conceive of Governance in the 21st Century?’ Lisbet Hooghe, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA „Still an Era of Regionalization? A Report on New Data for 81 Countries across the Globe’ Joan Fitzgerlad, Northeastern University, USA, „Linking Innovation and Sustainability in Urban Development’
G. Dabinett
5/14/2012 7:00:00 AM

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